Cavitation Velocity is a game I started a long time ago. It is a clone of the old Terminal Velocity. The game is playable and has one finished level. Unfortunately I have learned that it is hard to develop a good level editor. But it is even harder to make a good level for a game.

This is also the reason why the project is frozen. It seems that game development and design is not my passion. Nevertheless, during that time I had to learn linear algebra. Programming a 3D game helps to understand that stuff better :)

The game is programmed in Pascal with Lazarus and compiled with the FreePascal compiler. OpenGL is used as the 3D System, interface to the OS is provided by SDL. It once run under Linux, MacOS and Windows, at the moment it runs at least under Linux. The levels are in an XML file and hand created. All models are in X3D format and created with Blender and GIMP.

I tried to make the height-maps by hand and auto generated. The auto generated just looked to nice. During hiking I had to admit that nature generated by far more cool landscapes than my generator. Therefore I wrote a small converter, taking height files from NASA World Wind and producing height maps for CV. Now you can fly through real world terrain :)

As it still compiles and runs, I can provide some commented screenshots.

The game starts. It plays under water, you see the surface on the top. The minus and plus are the enemies on a on-screen map.

An enemy attacks.

I shot the enemy, he explodes into thousands of pixels.

A ground target I have to destroy to fulfil the mission.

Another target from above.

The target is no longer.

You can jump out of the water If you find the right spot, another camera will capture you.

Otherwise you have to watch from you cockpit. As it is a submarine, you can not control your ship during fly-time.

When you found some afterburner you can use it to move faster and get an awesome tunnel effect ;)

Another target is waiting.

That looks like the teleporter to get home.